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You have seen them on HBO, now witness Jessica Holter and The Punany Poets Live as they celebrate 25 years of immersive, soul-healing theater with erotic appeal. "RAW" Valentine's in Black Light is a full cast production of erotic proportions reminiscent of our famous performance on HBO's Real Sex. This erotic sketch dancer & poetry show will air on Punany TV. This show is for Adult Men and Women only.

About the show:

The Head Doctor has made some new friends, and she has invited them to come out and play inside her little black box. This full-bodied, energetically immersive, Punany experience is set to a baby-making soundtrack brought to life on stage by our sexy Pearls. Raw is for adults only, created by Jessica Holter to create a sexually fluid, interactive ensemble of poet and patron, sight and sound, dancer and voyeur.

A 25-Year Anniversary Celebration

In this episode of The Head Doctor's popular show, the writer invites you to sit back and relax as we honor the dancers and musicians who bring our poetic words to life with rhythm & body poetry. Jessica Holter stars as The Head Doctor with Eboni Amore in her new role as The Head Nurse. Ol' Skool is our Southern Gentleman, reminding you how to speak to a lady and original Punany Poet & Dancer Ms. Little of the Fillmore Crew (San Francisco) will taunt you with her unique B Girl strip tease and The Head Doctor's favorite married couple, Forbidden and Strawberry Lemonade lay it down for Black Love, giving you a visceral image of how they came to become parents of 8 children! Yes, my friends, this show is going to be fantastic. Get lessons in safer sex practices, and let your open mind guide you on an erotic ride that will find you and your lover creating an encore of your own at home. Win prizes in our World Famous Kissing Competition and make a love confession before you leave.

The Soundtrack

This delicious blend of poetic tales is laid to a baby-making soundtrack by music producer Dwayne Wiggins of Tony Toni Tone'! and the artists of HIP, Jessica Holter, Ol' Skool Entertainment, Karis Lovechild, Branden Pernell, Eebony Browne & Hannefah... so many have contributed to the Punany audio experience that will have you sliding off your seat.

Who is welcome?

This Valentine's Season show is for all adults who are 21 and over. This show has heterosexual leanings. All donations and contributions benefit HIP Inc., and support the careers and goals of the artists you are watching. This show includes mature content and is for the lovers of dance and the poetry of the physical body. Strip away your inhibitions. Come.

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Love Stories for Women

You have seen them on HBO, now witness Jessica Holter and The Punany Poets live on stage in Silver Spring, MD, turning up with the Ladies, for this all female fantasy that celebrates 25 years with the pearls who rip rhymes from the printed page, and lay them provocatively on the dance floor. 

The Head Doctor has invited some of her favorite lesbian and bisexual female storytellers to meet Punany's Pearls in her Playhouse for an exclusive evening of erotic sketch theater. Special guest performers for this Silver Anniversary Show include Houston darling Eboni Amore as The Head Nurse, Original Punany Poet & Dancer Mis. Little, storyteller and poet Ms. Nightlyfe, Pianir the poet and Punany's Pearls with exotic dance interpretation of select text from Jessica Holter's new book Verbal Penetration 2: Pussy Willow.

Squeeze tight as new characters slide off the pages of Jessica Holter's new collection... they have come to elicit a visceral response from you that your lover will feel, all night long. 

Saturday, February 15th, 5:30pm

Call 410-585-4822 for more information



* Adult Women Only

* Mature Content with lesbian leanings

Guests should arrive at: Montgomery College Cultural Arts Center 7995 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910 by 5:30pm on Saturday, February 15th, 2020.

Executive Producer: Our Space Meetup Group Administrators

Producer: Holter Intellectual property, Incorporated

Director: Jessica Holter

Run Time 80 Minutes


The Punany Poets 25th Anniversary Show

The Head Doctor is in Baltimore. Open wide.

Come celebrate Valentine's Day and The Punany Poet' Silver Anniversary with The Head Doctor in Baltimore, MD. Interactive, intimate and definitely for adults only, The Punany Poets are pioneers of erotic entertainment creating lush imagery on the printed pages and reality theater performances on stages.

Public Displays of Affection:

The word is God. Let us use our tongues for good. The Head Doctor Show features Love Confessions a moment for you to renew your vow of love. Hey, we give our flowers while our love's ones can smell them! (Just a head up, so you can start preparing now). Let your love come alive again with our with a public kiss! The Head Doctor's Kissing Competition is a blessing for all. Be the voyeur and just watch our bold lovers in Public Displays of Affection or play along. We have great prizes from The Shops at GGB you can win! Bring your open mind and a willing heart and The Head Doctor will change the way you think of date night.

Text & Soundtrack:

The text comes from the time honored writings of Jessica Holter's HIP Archives and her new book Verbal Penetration 2: Pussy Willow, laid to an eclectic home brew of soulful sounds and intoxicating rhythms to create an immersive experience that is energy efficient and purposefully provocative. For, it is our hope, when this Punany experience is inside you, you will go home, book and soundtrack in tow, to create an encore of your own.

About us:

The Punany Poets are unique among sexual health educators. Empowered by HIP, Punany's Playhouse becomes the stage where the time-honored writings of Author, Jessica Holter come to life.

PHONES: Please silence and turn off all cell phones during the duration of this show. This is an interactive show:

1. We want to ensure you are present.

2. We want to be considerate of privacy.

BAR: Yes, this venue has a cash bar.

Parking garages, lot and street parking available.

Fearless All Man Revue sponsored by Punany TV - Live Filming Viideo